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6 Funny Examples of Old School Photobombing

Photobombing is generally defined as something, usually a person, ruining a picture in the background. They could be totally aware of what they’re doing, or the camera could just be capturing them going about their business. Even celebrities have been photobombed; Abbey Road, the classic Beatles album, features one on its cover.

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Orphaned Photos & Researching Your Family History On eBay

Up in your attic, or tucked away in a cedar chest, you happen to find some very old, weathered photos. You think the people in them may be family – long-lost ancestors – and the setting (a homestead or town, for example) significant. You have no way to be certain,

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Breathtaking Photo Restoration Begins With the Scanner

Before any digital restoration can be performed, the original photo (or film negative) needs to be scanned. This step is critical, since it ultimately determines the quality of your restored photo.

  • The Scanner:
    Needless to say, try and use the best scanning equipment and software possible!

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Why I Love Photo Restoration

Restoring photos is very satisfying work. Not only is the restoration process itself rewarding and interesting, but so is learning more about the photos and people in them. After all, if someone is putting forth the effort to have a photograph restored, than the people or places within it is very meaningful to them.

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