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Caring For Your Photographs and What To Do When It’s Too Late

Old photos are especially fragile. Photographs can yellow, crack, and stick to glass, or become moldy. To prevent further damage, all you need to know are a few basics on how to properly store and mount your photographs. For photos that have already been damaged, have no fear: a number of solutions are available,

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Caring for your Photographs

Treasures from the Past

A photograph is a wonderful, complex, and interesting object. They are often glimpses into someone’s life; usually a joyful event that is captured forever.

Because there is such an abundance of photos now (it seems everyone has at least one camera) we tend to forget how valuable,

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Orphaned Photos & Researching Your Family History On eBay

Up in your attic, or tucked away in a cedar chest, you happen to find some very old, weathered photos. You think the people in them may be family – long-lost ancestors – and the setting (a homestead or town, for example) significant. You have no way to be certain,

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