2016 Top Tips On Scanning For Photo Restoration

Here are some great tips on scanning for photo restoration!

Unfortunately no amount of retouching can make up for a poor scan. Most scanning software will allow you to choose the type of image to be scanned whether it is a photo,

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6 Funny Examples of Old School Photobombing

Photobombing is generally defined as something, usually a person, ruining a picture in the background. They could be totally aware of what they’re doing, or the camera could just be capturing them going about their business. Even celebrities have been photobombed;

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Caring For Your Photographs and What To Do When It’s Too Late

Old photos are especially fragile. Photographs can yellow, crack, and stick to glass, or become moldy. To prevent further damage, all you need to know are a few basics on how to properly store and mount your photographs. For photos that have already been damaged,

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Five Easy Ways to do Your Family History in 2013

Five Easy Ways to do Your Family History in 2013

Everyone has a song to sing in life. Every family leaves a legacy.

Every family leaves a legacy.

My father is a professional photographer and my grandfather was a prestigious professor of geology. I am also directly related to Old King Cole (yes the “merry old soul”

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Photo restoration vs photo conservation

Photo Restoration vs. Photo Conservation – What’s the difference?

Now that digital photography is set to make film photography obsolete, we sometimes forget how lucky we are to be able to produce high-quality images that can be copied without limit. With the technology we have today, we can easily capture important memories,

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